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stressless mind
by unique photocharge meditation and improved yogic exercises

Therapy part I

General aspects

Presented herewith are some suggestions which if appiled in the day to day life may lead to a reduction in the physical and mental stress without making any extra or special effort.

stressless mind - a state of tranquility

  • Habitat - Always try to be in company of people either at work place or at home. Avoid being alone. Dont mix with people having extreme selfish nature, criminal tendencies, depressive traits etc.

  • Reading - The food for the mind is thought and this can be best provided by reading good quality books, magazines, newspapers etc.

  • Good behaviour - Be polite, gentle, social with the people you come across. It is a necessity as well as soul satisfying. Helping others in need is an asset.

  • Eating habits - Regular meal times help in maintaining regular bowel movements. Irregular bowels are a common cause of gas and acidity problems leading to mental stress.Eat vegetables and proteins in plenty.Avoid fat rich diets.

  • Exercise - Plenty of exercise is a must.Remember that a physically tired body leads to a physically tired brain, a state in which mind cannot pursue further and automatically becomes rested.

  • Sleep - A full and deep sleep is very essential for a stressless mind state. Don't go to sleep late and wake early.The body and brain both need rest otherwise they start developing drag.

  • Job and finances
    - If not satisfied with the present job keep on looking out for a better avenue instead of grumbling about the present status.Job dissatisfaction leaves bad scarring of the mind. Always keep one eye on your finances.Avoid debt as far as possible. Plan thoroughly and in advance for all business matters. Save something for a rainy day.

  • Marriage and family
    - Try to adjust with the needs and desires of the spouse as far as possible, and not the other way round as a routine.Be conversant with the children and take interest in their studies and activities.Bad family relations are often a common cause of mental distress.

  • Intoxicants - Drugs are a silent killer of the mind, condemn it.Avoid using tranquillizers, hypnotics, sedatives, psychotropic drugs as far as possible.They are all addictive and turn the mind into a state of dependency.Alcohol in reasonable quantity may be ok but a chronic use of it weakens the mind.

  • Faith and hope - Be always hopeful and cheerful as it reduces stress.Have a rational faith in your religion, it may help.Be desirous but within practical limits.

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      October 2000. Copyright of text and title reserved with Dr. K.S.Parihar