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stressless mind
by unique photocharge meditation and improved yogic exercises

Qualities of the mind


stressless mind - a state of tranquility

The human mind at birth is a clean slate and most of the inscriptions upon it are from the immediate vicinity, some are by providence.Mind is like a wild horse to begin with, it all depends on how it is taimed by all the influences it is subjected to.The mind is influenced largely by the parents, teachers, friends and family members, education, religion and the wealth in the family etc.The health of the individual after birth also has got some forebearance.

Positive qualities

The mind is highly creative and imaginative and is the think tank of the brain which is reflected in the fields of fine arts, literature, scientific advancements, business promotions and even in day to day life at home or at office.Mind therefore is the main driving force of the human being. Helping others is also a virtue of the mind.To think of the self in terms of betterment and gains without abrogating the rights and interests of other people never tantamounts to a negative quality of the mind.

Negative qualities

Envy, excessive anger, criminal tendencies, selfishness, deceit, greed, lust, ego etc. are important negative qualities of the mind. When the mind overpowers conscience (one of the other driving force ) our field of vision and thought is restricted and this is where selfishness and other negative attitudes creep in.Our desires increase without the necessary backround to fulfill them. If the desires whether unjustified or not cannot be fulfilled, it leads to the agitation of mind. Often we want to gain disproportionate to our efforts/investments or we want to byte more than we can chew or set targets higher than we can cope with leading to frustration or a stressed state of mind

What happens when mind gets stressed

A stressed mind's first reaction is anger, insult or injury towards the person(s) / society surrounding him.If these cannot be carried out easily it leads to frustration and wild reactions in the mind setting a chain reaction which ultimately disturbs the total functioning of the brain.The brain controls all the functions of the body system and if the stressed mind state continues for too long it leads to failure of body functioning in any way it pleases by way of an array of illnesses etc.It must be remembered that the mind is to the brain what soul is to the body.Thus it is very important to keep the mind as free from stress as possible.A healthy (stressless) mind is essential to keep the body illness free and also to enable a person to take correct decisions.A stressless mind can be concentrated enough by gradual practice to alter the overall scenario surrounding a person by taking correct decisions and even improve his luck factor.Have you ever seen a "Lucky" person around you who is stressed.They are always as is said "HAPPY GO LUCKY".Therefore to be happy or to be lucky have a stressless mind.


October 2000. Copyright of text and title reserved with Dr. K.S.Parihar