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stressless mind
by unique photocharge meditation and improved yogic exercises

Causes of mental stress


stressless mind - a state of tranquility

Physical features including disabilities of a person are rarely a cause of mental stress as they usually come to accept it as a situation which cannot be altered . It is then taken to be ignored usually by the mind. Occasionally persons with physical shortcomings have tremendous willpower as a compensation by the nature.


Mental stress is a very common feature in these fields. A person usually adapts himself with his profession. Sudden changes in the finances, job positions, relations with co-workers, place of job may have a profound effect on the mind as this involves his livelihood and job satisfaction. A person is usually happy with his job till the job requirements and/or the atmosphere prevailing there is to his liking. Job satisfaction is more important for males while atmosphere at the working place is more important for the females probably. A poorly managed business often leads to mental stress as enough care was not applied in the planning or execution stage. Changing trends in the market cannot be anticipated with a stressed mind. Sudden expenditures due to providence, social needs, health or losses due to theft etc. also lead to mental stress but of a temporary tenure. Saving for a rainy day is always helpful in such circumstances.


Family relations are also a common source of mental stress especially between husband and wife, which is mainly because of the ego problems as to who dominates whom. More than imagined people have ruined their lives due to sour or bitter matrimony.Relations between siblings, parents and children and with relatives are also other causes.Having good neighbours is a great blessing but often goes without thanking one's luck.


Sometimes mental tension creeps in without any rhyme or reason.Probably they are related with the good and bad phases in the life of a person the origin of which may be providence or self-creation.


October 2000. Copyright of text and title reserved with Dr. K.S.Parihar