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stressless mind
by unique photocharge meditation and improved yogic exercises

stressless mind - a state of tranquility


Mind is the expression of the brain and the body separately or in a combined state.All the extraordinary faculties of the human beings are projected through the mind.It is the mind which has been responsible for all the great developments in the civilisations as we see it today. Mind is a formless state.It cannot be brought on record or measured by any of the modern instruments.Fundamentally mind is concerned with the thinking and it's applications.The inputs of the mind are partly dependent on the information / learning from the society itself,but a reasonable part comes from practically the blue as a godgift to certain chosen persons eg.the great masterpiece works of art,literature and scientific inventions. The mind is the motivation of a human being,his steam,his drive,his ambition and his ultimate destiny often.Wonderful faculty that the mind is, has been perplexing since ages as all the scientific advances have failed to analyse the parameters governing the mind.

Authored by:

Dr. Kishan Singh Parihar,age 50 years a medico , associate professor in anatomy, Dr.S.N.Medical College,Jodhpur (Rajasthan),342003, INDIA.
I have deep interest in meditation, analytical study of different religions, science and technology.

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October 2000. Copyright of text and title reserved with Dr. K.S.Parihar